Company |Product | Date published: Jun 21, 2022

PlayStation’s New Privacy Account, Security and Online Safety Webpage

New PlayStation site provides guidance to help players navigate and control their personal information and experiences on our platforms
PlayStation’s New Privacy Account, Security and Online Safety Webpage

Gaming online unlocks the potential for people of all ages and backgrounds to forge new friendships, create memorable moments, and connect with millions of other gamers from all over the world.

At Sony Interactive Entertainment we are committed to ensure that the online gaming experiences and interactions on our platforms are positive, engaging, and welcoming for everyone. It’s an effort that involves constant innovation as well as dialogue and communication with our community.

Today, we are continuing our efforts as we introduce our new Privacy, Account Security and Online Safety webpage on

This new site is intended to give our consumers an overview on how their personal information is collected, used, or shared and how they can tailor their privacy preferences when interacting on PlayStation Network (PSN). 

What does the new site offer?

Sony Interactive Entertainment aims to empower players and ensure they are in control of their gaming experience. Everything from what personal information is collected, used, or shared, who they interact with, and who can view their personal information. 

The site functions as a guide to show our players what tools they can access at their fingertips to make their experience the best it can be. It is sectioned into three areas, highlighting the tools available to our community:

Playing Online

PlayStation offers tools to help ensure your gaming sessions are enjoyable. You can control your profile settings, the content you share and many other functionalities. 

  • Your Profile – Your privacy settings put you in control of how your personal information is collected, used, or shared with others. For example, users can designate who they classify as “friends” and what information they can see.You can switch between the various privacy settings to tailor your experience to a level of privacy that works best for you.
  • Chat & Messaging  – As a player, you only receive messages from the people you want to interact with. In parties and groups, you have the power to mute or remove anyone who is not welcome. URL and spam filters may also be in place to remove inappropriate material.
  • Sharing Content You have the ability to share video clips or broadcasts with the world – or just a small group of friends. 
  • Reporting and Moderating – There are several tools at your disposal to report cheating, offensive in-game chat or any other inappropriate behavior. Users have the ability to block and report players on PS4 or PS5 who act innapropriately and violate the PlayStation Code of Conduct. Our team of human moderators review  each case, and will take action if necessary, including temporary or permanent suspensions.
  • Parental Controls – If you’re a parent or guardian, there’s a whole suite of parental control tools that you can use to make sure children can only see, play and interact with things that are age appropriate. For example, you can set play time limits, disable chat and messaging, restrict age-rated games and entertainment, set spending limits and more, all from your console, PC or smartphone.

Account and Console Security

Keep your account and console information locked behind flexible layers of security.

  • PSN account and console security  – You have control over who signs in on your PS4 or PS5 console. Options like QR code sign-in and Two-step verification, additional passcode protection, and an array of other tools offer an extra layer of account security when accessing your PlayStation account. 
  • PlayStation Store Security – Take charge of your spending on PlayStation Store through tools like password authorization at check-out or PSN wallet. Our Parental Controls also empowers the family manager to set spending limits to restrict purchases. 

Data Privacy

We understand that it may be confusing to learn how your personal information is collected, used, and shared by companies. In this section on the webpage, we answer some of the most frequently asked privacy questions . You can also read more about our privacy practices on our  Privacy Policy.

PlayStation’s New Privacy Account, Security and Online Safety Webpage

We at Sony Interactive Entertainment want to ensure our players feel empowered and in control to create the most engaging experience possible when playing on our platforms. Gamers need to know that they are in the driver’s seat when it comes to creating their gaming experience and being best equipped to respond to inappropriate behavior. This is another step in our mission to continue creating a welcoming and joyful experience for everyone on our PlayStation platforms.

Continue to follow this blog to learn more about our ongoing efforts and tools available to our community.