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Tokyo, June 5, 2012 – Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) announced today an epic milestone for the God of War® franchise – the award-winning series has now surpassed 21 million units*1 sold as of May 30, 2012. This outstanding sales figure was achieved in just seven years after the series made its debut on the PlayStation®2 in 2005 with the first title released in the franchise, God of War.

"We at Sony Santa Monica Studios thrive on delivering fantastic gaming experiences to the community and to our fans across the world," said Shannon Studstill, Sr. Director of Product Development, Sony Santa Monica Studio. "We are extremely proud to have hit this incredible milestone, and owe a large part of it to our fans for all of their support throughout these years."

Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s Sony Santa Monica Studio, the God of War series has continued to evolve alongside various PlayStation platforms. Since 2005, seven titles have been released across the PlayStation®2, PlayStation®3 (PS3™) and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) systems, with the newly announced PS3 exclusive God of War: Ascension currently in production. Known for its stunning graphics, epic cinematic storytelling, and visceral battles, the God of War series has been acknowledged by the videogame industry’s key publications and influencers as one of the most critically-acclaimed franchises, as well as a series that continues to set the bar for the action-adventure genre.

Accolades for the franchise include PlayStation: The Official Magazine (Editor’s Choice Award), Game Informer (Action/Adventure Game of the Year and Handheld Game of the Month Award), Electronic Gaming Monthly (Best PS2 Game), IGN.com (Editor’s Choice Award and Game of the Year Award), and four nominations in the Annual Interactive Achievement Awards, including Overall Game of the Year and Console Game of the Year.
The franchise has also been awarded with several honors including several E3 Best of Show Awards (given by several online publications), numerous Game of the Year awards (given by several online publications), a Best Action Game Award (given at Spike TV’s Video Game Awards), numerous Golden Joystick Awards, G-Phoria Awards, and more.*2

  • *1Sell-in number
  • *2All these awards are in the United States

Cumulative Worldwide Sell-In Numbers of the God of War Series

  SCEA *3 SCEJ *4 SCEE *1 WW
God of War 2,881,524 142,990 1,592,833 4,617,347
God of War II 2,527,522 113,280 1,603,727 4,244,529
God of War III 2,818,033 417,866 1,961,733 5,197,632
God of War Collection 1,748,663 *2 155,600 *2 514,253 *2 2,418,516
God of War: Chains of Olympus 1,728,407 *2 136,478 *2 1,399,293 *2 3,264,178
God of War: Ghost of Sparta 530,815 *2 60,429 *2 605,382 *2 1,196,626
God of War: Origins 424,464 *2 47,336 *2 239,937 *2 711,737
Totals 12,659,428 1,073,979 7,917,158 21,650,595
  • *1: Including PAL territories
  • *2: Including Download Version
  • *3: Including LATAM territories
  • *4: Including SCE Asia territories

Title Release Dates in North America

God of War March 22, 2005
God of War II March 13, 2007
God of War: Chains of Olympus March 4, 2008
God of War Collection November 17, 2009
God of War III March 16, 2010
God of War: Ghost of Sparta November 2, 2010
God of War: Origins September 13, 2011

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