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DISK DRIVEThe New System Software Update Will Become Available On October 10th To Offer More
Flexibility For User To Enjoy Content

Tokyo, September 9, 2013 - Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA), a division of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., responsible for business operation in Japan and Asia, today announced a new model for "nasne™", a networked recorder and media storage device which will become available with built-in 1TB hard disk drive (HDD) at a recommended retail price (RRP) of 22,000 yen (excluding tax)/ 23,100yen (including tax) in Japan on October 10, concurrently with the release of its system software version 2.00. ※1

Through the system software version 1.71 which became available in April, 2013, "nasne" has become able to store various data kept in the memory card for the PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) system including application, saved game data, picture and music, in addition to recorded digital terrestrial or satellite television programs, private content such as photo or video on its HDD.  In order to meet users’ growing demands for larger capacity, SCEJA will introduce "nasne" with massive 1TB HDD in addition to currently available model with 500GB HDD.

Concurrently with the release of new model, system software version 2.00 will become available to add various new features including "Anytime Access" feature*2 which enables users to access their "nasne" to enjoy their content comfortably wherever they are, and "nasne share" feature which syncs 2 "nasne" units in real time via internet. It will also cooperate with "Reader™ for PlayStation®Vita", an e-book application offered by Sony Corporation (Sony), so users can leverage "nasne" as their book shelf to store book data purchased at Reader™ Store, Sony’s online eBook store.

[Major features to become available on system software version 2.00]

  1. "Anytime Access" feature

    By installing dedicated applications to PS Vita or Android™ based smartphones, users can access their "nasne" not only from home network but also from outside to search and enjoy their content, as well as to forward it to SNS through comfortable user interface*3.

    PS Vita dedicated application "naspocket™"


    "naspocket™" is a dedicated application for PS Vita that enables users to access their photos, musics and private videos stored in "nasne", not only from home network but also from external network such as Wi-Fi or mobile(3G)*4.  With this application, users can search and enjoy content from up to 8 "nasne" units pre-registered to PS Vita.  Users can also store their content to memory card from connected "nasne".

    The user interface of "naspocket" is also suitable for DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller to support PS Vita™ TV which will be available on November 14th in Japan. By installing the application to PS Vita TV, users can comfortably enjoy their content stored in "nasne" on TV.

    The application will be offered on PlayStation®Store(PS Store) on October 10th at no charge.

    "nasne ACCESS" application for Android based devices

    nasne ACCESS

    "nasne ACCESS" is an application for Android based smartphones and tablets, that enables users to access and enjoy content stored in their "nasne" at home including photos, musics, and private videos*5 . It also come with auto upload feature which will allow users to automatically upload photos and videos taken to pre-registered "nasne" via mobile network (3G/LTE).

    Through this feature, those people at home can also enjoy shared photo and video simultaneously on DLNA client devices.

    The application has the following features:

    • Up to 8 "nasne" units can be registered to one "nasne ACCESS".
    • Voice search and index search features to find a specific content instantly from massive amount of files stored in the file server of "nasne" *6.
    • Show the list of photo, video and music files stored in multiple "nasne".
    • A widget function to notify when someone has added files to registered "nasne".

    The application will be offered on Google Play on October 10th at no charge.

  2. "nasne share" feaure

    By using "nasne share" feature, users can synchronize a specific folder in two "nasne" units at different places in real time via internet. *7

    Combined with "nasne Access" application for Android based devices, users can upload photos and videos shot to "nasne" at home, while at the same time sharing those content with another "nasne" in different place. In addition to photos and videos, various formatted content can be shared such as text files.

  3. "Digital Bookshelf" feature


    "Digital Bookshelf" feature allows PS Vita users to leverage their "nasne" as an external storage for book data purchased at Reader™ Store. Users can store book data they purchased at Reader™ Store to their "nasne" via Wi-Fi network*8, and access those book data either from PS Vita or PS Vita TV which will launch on November 14th.

    The feature will become available by applying version 1.40*9 of "Reader™ for PlayStation®Vita" application which is scheduled to be offered on October 10th.

SCEJA will continue to aggressively expand the new world of entertainment through the combination of "nasne" and PlayStation platforms as well as other networked Sony products.

  • *1System software version 2.00 is targeted at both currently available model with 500GB HDD (CECH-ZNR1J) and newly announced model with 1TB HDD (CECH-ZNR2J).
  • *2"Anytime Access" feature does not support access to DTCP-IP content, PS Vita game data and saved game data from outside of home network.
  • *3The feature become available by registering "nasne" to each of dedicated applications that users want to access within the same network.
  • *4"naspocket™" will be supported by PS Vita system software version 2.60 or later.
  • *5"nasne™ ACCESS" will be supported by Android version 2.3 or later.
  • *6By choosing index, users can jump from the whole list of files to targeted files.
  • *7Single "nasne" can share files with 2 "nasne" via "nasne™ Share" feature
  • *8In order to use Reader Store, it is required to register for My Sony Club (free of registration and annual fee)
  • *9Version 1.40 of " Reader™ for PlayStation®Vita" e-book application offered by Sony Corporation will be

Product Outline

"nasne™" (CECH-ZNR2J)

Product name nasne™
Product code CECH-ZNR2J
Release date October 10, 2013
Recommended retail price (RRP) 22,000 yen (excluding tax) /23,100 yen (including tax) 
Product color Black
External dimension Approx. 43 × 189 × 136 mm (width × length ×height)
Weight Approx 460g
RF tuners Terrestrial: ISTB-T × 1
Satellite: ISDB-S × 1
Channels Terrestrial: VHF 1-12ch, UHF 13-62ch, CATV C13-C63ch
Satellite: BS/CS110°digital (1032-2071MHz)
Internal HDD SATA 2.5 inch (Capacity:1TB)
Inputs/Outputs LAN port (100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
ANTENNA IN connector
ANTENNA OUT connector
EXT HDD connector (USB 2.0, Type A)
B-CAS card slot
Buttons Power button
IP RESET button
Indicators Power indicator
REC indicator
IP status indicator
HDD access indicator
Power AC 100V, DC 12V.1.5A
Power consumption Recording and streaming two videos: 9.5W
ECO mode in stand-by: 1.5W
Network Recorder features DTCP-IP support
Live streaming / recorded content streaming of digital terrestrial / satellite television program (for home and mobile devices)
2 recording mode (DR and SLP) support
Registration as remote PVR device to be accessed through the internet
Trick play / scene search support
Resume play
Media Storage Device features Media server features
  • DLNA 1.5 support
  • Live tuner (terrestrial / satellite broadcasting) and DMS streaming of recorded programs
  • Support image / music / video formats and metadata as PS3® (will be supported by "nasne" system software version 1.50. Some formats not supported)
  • DMS streaming of image / music / video files on the media server (will be supported by "nasne" system software version 1.50)
  • Support multiple DLNA devices (up to 2 DTCP-IP content streaming or 1 live streaming)
File server features
  • Shared directory configuration
Workgroup configuration
Other features "nasne HOME" web browser application
Support an external hard drive
ECO mode (Stand-by after 10 minutes without an access)
Support "nasne" system software update
Included "nasne" × 1
AC adaptor × 1
Power cable × 1
LAN cable × 1
RF coaxial cable × 1
B-CAS card × 1
Digital terrestrial broadcasting watching/recorder application for PS3® (Voucher card) × 1
Quick start guide × 1

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