Corporate Social Responsibility

Along with its continuous endeavor to further develop and enhance the world of computer entertainment, Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. (SIE) is committed to carry on activities to nourish healthy and productive social environment around the world. Individual employee also carries out proactive social activities as a corporate member in order to link with local society, to broaden their views, and to achieve harmony with society.
SIE will continue to further enhance its corporate value by contributing to the creation of enriched and dreamful society.


Company Visit

Since 1998 * Program is now temporarily closed to new applicants.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. (SIE) welcomes students from elementary to high school for visiting our office in Tokyo. As part of integrated studies, school trips, career education programs, we have various programs to match their learning objectives.
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Game Study in Class

Since 2006 (ongoing)

For sound upbringing of youth, SIE designs and conducts classes regarding game industry. We have a number of programs such as learning how to get along with games (media literacy) and career Education, and have been giving lectures at elementary, junior high, and high schools around Japan.
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Original PlayStation® Disassembly Workshop

March, 2014

Original PlayStation® disassembly workshop was held for students from 8 to 15years old at “Sony ExploraScience” located in Minato-ku, Tokyo. Our active engineers dressed in white robes as “Disassembly Experts” told anecdote about PlayStation® development. 24 parent-child pairs disassembled the original PlayStation® allowing them to learn firsthand about the mechanisms of the system, how to use tools, and the joy of creation.

Community Cleanup Activity

September, 2013

SIE 2013 new employees participated in a cleanup activity at the Enoshima Eastside Beach located in Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa. With a trash bag in one hand, they collected garbage such as cigarette butts, bottles, cans, and other litter left by vacationers over the summer. Sharing a sense of achievement after the cleanup, all of them deeply understood the importance of keeping good manners, and took a first step towards social contribution.

Supportive Activity for "Internet Hotline Center"(Japan)

For sound development of the Internet, SIE cooperate to the activities of the Internet Hotline Center, and support creating a safe environment that people can use the Internet at ease.


North America

Typhoon Haiyan Matching Donation

December, 2013

Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA) made a donation to the relief efforts for Typhoon Haiyan which hit Philippines and caused catastrophic damage in November, 2013. The funds raised have been matched by the company through the Sony "Matching Gift Program" and donated to the American Red Cross and Save the Children.

Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

December, 2012

SIEA raised relief funds at its office for those affected by Hurricane Sandy, which hit the East Coast of the United States on October, 2012. In addition, their contributions were matched by the company through a "matching gift program."

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

October, 2012

SIEA staff participated in the “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk” in San Francisco, a breast cancer charity event held by The American Cancer Society to help raise awareness and funds for charity.


Supporting Prince's Trust

Since 2012(ongoing)

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) is a partner with the Prince's Trust, a charity in the United Kingdom founded by Prince Charles to help inspiring young people’s lives. SIEE makes annual financial contributions to the Trust to assist in its work, and also working with them to provide new recruits expertise on workshops run by the Trust in areas such as website design etc. for their fledgling business ideas.

Community Partnership

Since 2008(ongoing)

SIEE Liverpool office founded a 'partnership project' with Grandison Allotment Society, a community allotment site based in Liverpool (Walton). It is used by children to learn about growing plants and cooking. In 2008, they carried out a transformation project and turned a dilapidated allotment into a thrived place, where local school uses for the gardening club. In 2011, activities such as painting the club house/fences and relining their poly tunnels have been done. The volunteer day in 2012 mainly focused on maintenance tasks such as painting fences, weeding pathways and turning over land.


August, 2012

SIEE proactively engaged in PlayStation®First, which has been developed as an Academic Partnership Program. This is a program that SIE and Worldwide Studios (WWS) to support game related training and research at universities and talent incubators. It aims to inspire innovation using PlayStation® platforms by establishing partnerships with institutions. SIEE contributes by providing development hardware to universities in order to teach computer engineering, computer science, game development and creative game design.


2014 Hong Kong & Kowloon Walk for Millions

January, 2014

Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited(SIEH)staff participated in "Hong Kong & Kowloon Walk for Millions," an annual fund-raising event organized by a community-based NGO. Throughout the event, SIEH staff raised donation for "Family and Child Welfare Services," an NPO that focuses on social services through a family perspective.

Clothes Recycle Program

February, 2013

SIEH staff collected new or almost-new clothes from their colleagues, and donated them to 'Green Ladies,' a boutique run by the St. James Settlement (NGO). All donation proceeds are used to support activities organized by the St. James Settlement.

Global Game Jam 2013

January, 2013

SIEH sponsored “Global Game Jam,” the worldwide event that game developers around the world develop games simultaneously. In the game creation award given out as part of CSR activities, SIEH presented PlayStation®3 as a prize for the winner of the ‘Social Impact Award.’