Community Involvement Activities


Shepreth Wildlife Park

Since 2015

SIE carries out an annual volunteer day at this site, activities include clearing enclosures, repainting the bat cave, laying a path in the wallaby enclosure and general housekeeping.

Shepreth Wildlife Park first started as a private sanctuary in 1979. It was a refuge for creatures great and small, including rescued foxes, hedgehogs and badgers, alongside many different species of unlicensed exotics. After care and rehabilitation many were released back into the wild, but where this was not possible, they lived out their life at the sanctuary. Shepreth Wildlife Park is now open to the public but also hosts a busy ‘Hedgehog Hospital’ and also participates in national and international breeding programmes for endangered species. It remains as committed as ever to its animals and conservation, and to educating the next generation of conservationists.

Supporting Prince's Trust

Since 2012(ongoing)

SIE is a partner with the Prince's Trust, a charity in the United Kingdom founded by Prince Charles to help inspiring young people’s lives. SIE makes annual financial contributions to the Trust to assist in its work, and also working with them to provide new recruits expertise on workshops run by the Trust in areas such as website design etc. for their fledgling business ideas.

Vinters Valley

Since 2009

SIE has continually provided valuable support to Vinter’s Valley Nature Reserve, helping to improve access and create new wildlife habitats. Each year a volunteer day is carried out at the nature reserve, activities included creating a wild flower garden, creating a pond, relaying the path to help make the site more accessible, creating stag beetle pyramids and log piles in order to create sheltering places for the local reptile population, mainly viviparous lizards and slow worms.

Grandison Allotments

Since 2008 (ongoing)

SIE Liverpool office founded a 'partnership project' with Grandison Allotment Society, a community allotment site based in Liverpool (Walton). It is used by children to learn about growing plants and cooking. In 2008, they carried out a transformation project and turned a dilapidated allotment into a thrived place, where local school uses for the gardening club. Since then an annual volunteer day is carried out at the allotments, activities such as painting the fences, relining their poly tunnels, weeding pathways and turning over land have been undertaken.

Supporting Cancer Research UK

Since 2006 (ongoing)

SIE employees participate in the 'Race for Life' charity 5Km &10Km run (approx. 3 &6 miles), for fund-raising for the charity Cancer Research UK, an event which SIE fully supports.