Community Involvement Activities


Educational Activities

Guest Lectures about Video Games (2006 – ongoing)

In conjunction with ACE (NPO the Association of Corporation and Education), SIE has developed classes on the video game industry for elementary, junior high and high school students. These classes are offered pro bono at schools across the Japan. In addition to educating students about the industry, these lessons contribute to their healthy growth and development by cultivating their media literacy.


Programming Skills Workshops (2017 – 2018)

In conjunction with Life is Tech, Inc., SIE held programming skills workshops for junior high and high school students across Japan using PlayStation®VR units and the Unity® game engine.


Life is Tech, Inc. *Only available in Japanese

CurioStep with Sony (2020 – ongoing)

SIE participates in the Sony Corporation-run "CurioStep with Sony", which uses technology and content created by Sony Group to carry out various education programs. Alongside current SIE engineers, students will learn mechanism of electronic devices, how to use tools, and deepen their interest in and appreciation of craftsmanship through workshops using familiar PlayStation® products.


See the following reports for more information about these workshops.  

CurioStep with Sony