More activities

The Folding@home™ Distributed Computing Project at Stanford University


The Folding@home™ is the distributed computing project at Stanford University aimed at studying the causes of a variety of diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and cancers. From 2007, Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. (SIE) provided the dedicated application for PlayStation®3 users to participate in the project. More than 15 million PS3® users has participated in the program in total, however, considering that the PS3® system has made a significant contribution to the project, the support towards the project was terminated in November, 2012. More than one hundred millions of computation hours donated by PS3® users to the Folding@Home project is now helping the viable drug development at Stanford University.
We would like to thank all the PS3® users for their support to Folding@home™.


e-learning with PSP® (PlayStation®Portable)

Since 2006 (ongoing)

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. (SIE) supports Otemon Gakuin Elementary School in Osaka in their “e-learning” approaches by using PSP® in classes as students' personal terminals, and currently PSP® is used by the Grade 3 to 6 students one for each. With their activities by using PSP®, we are hoping for ‘basic scholastic proficiency,’ ‘individualized learning’ and ‘motivation for learning’ in students’ ability.
Also, attractive educational development for Physical Education Class, such as students to record video and check their own physical movement by using PSP® connected to USB camera, has been currently studied.
You can find a more detailed report on ‘class informatization’ on their web site.

Written Translation on PSP® (PlayStation®Portable)

Since 2008 (ongoing)

SIE supports PSP® written translation approach. Written translation is one of information ensuring tools for hearing-impaired people where what is said is translated in writing on site. The usage frequency of PSP® as a receiver has been increased, exploiting its characteristics as operability and portability. Using online delivery service software “ITBC2,” it becomes available to receive information of the written translation via PSP® web browser in real-time.
Written translation on PSP® has been developed and supported by volunteers across-the-country and has been introduced in schools, lectures, theatres and more.

Written Translation by PSP Enter the speaker's words. Entered texts are htmlized by ITBC2, and received at PSP.

  • *In October, 2012, the volunteer, who developed “ITBC2,” proposed the information assurance style using PSP® and received the gold title for the communication design category at “IAUD Award,” the event hosted by International Association for Universal Design (IAUD).

Original PlayStation® Disassembly Workshop

June, 2013

SIE partnered with “Sony ExploraScience” to hold original PlayStation® disassembly workshop for students from 6 to 15years old in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. Our active engineers dressed in white robes as “Disassembly Experts” told anecdote about PlayStaiton® development. The participants disassembled the original PlayStattion® allowing them to learn firsthand about the mechanisms of the system, how to use tools, and the joy of creation. 

Community Cleanup Activity

November, 2012

SIE 2012 new employees participated in a cleanup activity at the Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park located in Koto-ku. With cleaning equipment and garbage bags, they worked together to collect garbage such as fallen leaves, bottles, cans, etc.. Appreciating their health as well as the earth which provides fresh air and greenery, the newly joined SIE staff took a first step towards social contribution.

Participating in ‘TABLE FOR TWO’


SIE participated in ‘TABLE FOR TWO’ from 2009 to 2010. ‘TABLE FOR TWO’ is an organization that simultaneously addresses the opposing issues of obesity in the developed world and malnutrition in the developing world. When an employee pays for one healthy meal provided at our company’s cafeteria that meets ‘TABLE FOR TWO’ healthy diet criteria, a charge worth of 1 school meal is donated to developing countries for students’ meals.

‘PlayStation’ Science Program

July, 2009

In the summer of 2009, SIE hosted an event ‘“PlayStation” Science Program’ for junior high school students.
PlayStation®3 (PS3®) engineers explained that computer graphics presented in games are calculated by using knowledge of science and mathematics taught in school. Attendees enjoyed experiencing PlayStation®Eye, a webcam peripheral for PS3®, and working in a group to discuss how future games would be.

Educational Contribution in science and technology

in 2007 & 2008

PS3® engineers of SIE took part in the annual event hosted by IBM Corporation to teach the latest subject matters in science and technology for female junior high school students. In order to arouse their interest in the math and science field and such careers, engineers explained that games were consisted of calculations based upon high school physics with demonstration of the actual programming scenes. Another aspect of PS3® in the medical industry was also introduced that it is actively utilized as a means to save people's lives.

Charity Auction

November, 2004

Before the launch of PSP® in the market, SIE was given the opportunity of the Charity Auction through the website, offering 500 PSP® systems. The amount to be raised at this auction was donated to the victims of Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake.

Copyright Workshop


From 2004 to 2009, SIE held an annual summer event ‘Copyright Workshop’ for students from 4th to 6th grades and their parents (co-hosted by The Association of Copyright for Computer Software).Game creators of the ‘Ape Escape’ series showed how the games were created and the participants became familiar and learn about copyright through enjoying mini games, a short play and lectures.

North America

ESA Nite to Unite

Since October, 2009 (ongoing)

Sony Interactive Entertainment America(SIEA)participates in the annual Nite To Unite for Kids benefit dinner and auction in San Francisco once a year. This event is hosted by the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) and supported by members of the association and the interactive entertainment industry to raise funds for the ESA Foundation. It is an unprecedented effort by the interactive entertainment community to come together to celebrate the industry's continuing growth and success, while helping to make a difference in the lives of America's kids. Since 2009, SIEA donates electronic auction items, and SIEA staff joins this event as volunteers.

Holiday Giving

Since 2008 (ongoing)

SIEA partnered with a variety of charitable organizations to spread joy to children and families in need. Organizations include ‘Toys for Tots’, ‘One Warm Coat’, ‘Child’s Play’, ‘St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital’, ‘Acterra : Action for a healthy planet’, ‘PAWS : Pets Are Wonderful Support’ and ‘Children’s Hospital and Research Foundation.’ In addition, SIEA provides employees an opportunity to match their donations for a Grab Bag of randomly selected promotional titles or accessories.

Walk N Wag

October, 2012

SIEA staff participated in Walk N Wag, a charity event hosted by Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV), where the community came together to complete a 3 mile + walk with their furry companions and collect donations. SIEA employees were able to raise over $1,000 for the Humane Society Silicon Valley.

William J Clinton Foundation

September, 2012

SIEA participated in a charity event hosted by William J. Clinton Foundation. This foundation is established by former President of United States Bill Clinton, and it aims to improve global health, strengthen economies, promote healthier childhoods, and protect the environment etc.. The participants had dinner with the former president and interacted with him throughout evening.

Inn Vision Shelter Network Back Pack Drive

September, 2012

SIEA’s Foster City office partnered with the InnVision Shelter Network to provide backpacks and school supplies to homeless children living in their transitional housing programs. SIEA staff brought stationaries from their home and able to provide 90 completed backpacks. As a set of school supplies for a new semester, these backpacks will be handed out to the children.

Home Building Volunteer in Costa Rica

February, 2012

SIEA employees visited Costa Rica to join the home building project of Habitat for Humanity (international NGO) for vulnerable families in La Cruz, Guanacaste area. SIEA volunteers worked together to build a home with local residents who need homes, and contributed to help developing the independence of the residents and a peaceful community.

Tompkins Cortland Community College Tour

January, 2012

SIEA cooperated with Tompkins Cortland Community College which has a course that includes fourteen days of experiential learning in Burbank, and the Bay Areas of California. Supporting the local university, SIEA invited students to the studios in San Diego and Foster City, and provided a job experience opportunity. Through studio tours, job shadowing, and lectures, students gain research methods, leadership skills, and teamwork etc.

Kids Day

2011 & 2012

Kids Day enables the children of SIEA employees to be on-site for the day. It not only provides a field trip opportunity for children, but also enables their parents to show them working as SIEA employees. The kids were also given goodies and were allowed to draw on designated walls and spent productive day with SIEA employees.

Receiving Students for Company Visit

May, 2011

SIEA partnered with NPO and hosted an event, Project Lead the Way, for Valley Christian Junior School. This project is to help understanding how the skills students learn in school relate to everyday life by introducing them to the field of engineering. SIEA contributed to the project by doing a site tour and discussions for the students.

Supporting Charity Marathon Event

May, 2011

SIEA sponsored a group of 50 employees to run in the Bay to Breakers, one of the world’s largest and oldest footraces(12km marathon for charity), held annually in San Francisco, California. The event has been held since 1912 in order to provide reconstruction assistance to the 1906 devastating San Francisco earthquake. In 2011, the employees collected US$1,194.49 and it was funded to American Red Cross.

Rebuilding Together

April, 2008

‘Rebuilding Together Peninsula’ is a non-profit organization that works to build partnerships with companies such as SIEA to rehabilitate homes and community facilities for the low-income, elderly and/or disabled neighbors within the San Francisco Bay Area. A group of SIEA employees volunteered personal time to assist with painting, light construction, and cleaning for an elderly woman in San Mateo, CA.


Mobile Learning with PSP® (PlayStation®Portable)

Since 2007 (ongoing)

Since 2007, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) has expanded the ‘PSP in Education’ program, where PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) has been used extensively at more than 400 educational and training institutions in United Kingdom. The combination of PSP's gaming heritage and its ability to capture and to play open standard educational digital content via audio, video, and internet has made it a compelling new mobile learning platform.

Participating in Conservation Works

SIEE carries out various conservation activities at a local nature reserve.

in 2013

SIEE has continually provided valuable support to Vinters Valley Nature Reserve, helping to improve access and create new wildlife habitats. In 2013, SIEE volunteers created a wild flower garden, erected a bench and relaid the path to help make the site more accessible.

in 2012

SIEE staff did volunteer work at Vinters Valley, mainly aiming to improve access to the valley floor for visitors by renewing wooden steps. They successfully built 18 steps and donated the cost of materials for the activity.

in 2011

At Vinters Valley, SIEE volunteers helped create stag beetle pyramids and log piles in order to create sheltering places for the local reptile population, mainly viviparous lizards and slow worms.

in 2008

A team of 32 staff from the SIEE Head Office Operations Department took part in activities at Suntrap Forest Education Centre for schools. The centre is used by school groups in the local area, to come and learn about wildlife and conservation. SIEE staff joined to improve facilities and to share ideas for 'challenge courses' for the groups of local children.
A small team from the SIEE Cambridge office took part in conservation activities at Byron Pools in Cambridgeshire County. The work involved restoration of 'hedgerows' which are important for local wildlife and biodiversity.
A third team took part in a project at a local city farm. The activities included such as improving the vegetable garden, helping with farm animal maintenance and working on the facilities for the 'eco-classroom'.

in 2007

Part of the group worked to replace old equipments such as steps/stairways to improve the accessibility in the park for the local community in August. Other participants conducted a butterfly survey in the wildflower meadow for biodiversity monitoring purposes.
In July SIEE took part in a conservation 'Team Building' day run by the Forestry Commission. Activities included: replacing gates to protect the more sensitive areas of the forest from hazardous grazing deer; and carving colorful 'totem pole' trail markers to place along the butterfly walks.

in 2006

Teams of volunteers from London/Liverpool/Cambridge offices of SIEE took part in conservation activities at their local nature reserves from October to November.

Volunteer Day

SIEE partnered with a variety of charitable organizations for disadvantaged children to help their growth in community. Here is to introduce a part of the activities done by SIEE.


SIEE staff participated in Action for Kids (AFK), a national charity event working with children and young people with physical and learning disabilities and their parents and carers. In 2011, SIEE volunteers participated and supervised the children from AFK in a sports day. In 2012, SIEE staff together with young people from AFK visited London’s Science Museum to learn about physics and instruments at the exhibits. SIEE donated £200 towards the day and a PlayStation®3 with games to the charity. The charity plans to use the donated products for social engagement days.

June, 2011

SIEE participated in a charity event, Green Corridor, which works to improve the employability of disadvantaged people through land based learning. Their work is hands on, practical and engaging, helping to build technical skills and personal development for young people who often struggle to find their place in their community. SIEE is helping Green Corridor transform Western Road Allotment a derelict allotments into productive space where they can bring children build technical skills.

Supporting Cancer Research UK

Since 2006~(ongoing)

Since 2006, SIEE women participate in the 'Race For Life' 5km (approx. 8 miles) Run, an event which SIEE fully supported, for fund-raising for the charity Cancer Research UK.


Offering Job Opportunities at Asia Game Show


From 2007 to 2013, during the Asia Game Show period in December, Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited(SIEH)offered job opportunities for the residents of Tin Shui Wai where low-income earners live in order to revitalize this district. This social activity by SIEH received considerable media attentions and made the front page of local newspaper.

Charitable Book Event


SIEH conducted a charity program with ‘Heifer International Hong Kong(Heifer)’ from2009 to 2013. They sold charitable books at the event and donated the sales to Heifer which aims to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth.
In 2012, SIEH staff also participated in a charity event in Sichuan, China, and donated PlayStation’s stationeries as well as the charitable books to the children in disadvantaged families. The objective of the event was to ensure villages and households are back in normal conditions after severe earthquake happened in Sichuan in 2008. The SIEH contribution was published in a local newspaper.

Food Donations

March, 2013

SIEH staff made donations such as rice and canned foods to the People's Food Bank (NGO), which were then distributed to poor elderlies and the homeless.

Charity at Asia Game Show 2012

December, 2012

SIEH invited elderlies and families of sick children that charity groups ‘Against Elderly Abuse’ and ‘Make a Wish’ are supporting to the Asia Game Show, where the participants enjoyed entertainment shows and PlayStation®Move games.

SIEH Chinese Lunch in Silence

September, 2012

SIEH staff participated in a “Chinese Lunch in Silence” event hosted by NGO “DiD.” Participants have to wear headphones and no conversations allowed during a 2-hour lunch. In between, teambuilding workshops and sign language lessons were held. We aimed to enhance communication skills and relationship-building among staff, and to show empathy and understanding to disable (hearing disabilities) society in Hong Kong. This contribution was also featured in a local newspaper.

Game Console Recycling Program


In order to collect old game console for recycling, SIEH have partnered with more than 10 shopping malls in Hong Kong to launch Game Console Recycling Program. Total of 300-400 consoles were gathered during a year, and they were all sent to an NGO organization with recycling department for further actions.

Move @ School Program

March, 2011

SIEH held “Move @ School Program” for disabled students at Lutheran School For The Deaf in Hong Kong in order to provide them opportunity to do light exercises with PlayStation®Move.

Sichuan Earthquake Relief

May, 2008

The day after the earthquake happened in Sichuan, SIEH hosted a charity event to support the victims of this disaster. The full proceeds from PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system and PlayStation® merchandise were donated to the relief organizations.

June 8th ~ 9th, 2008

SIEH called for all the game related companies in Hong Kong and set up a support organization called ‘Game United’. At the two-day charity event jointly held by 54 companies, more than 10,000 people visited and the proceeds and donation were donated to UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) and World Vision (worldwide non-profit organization).

Christmas Charity Event

December, 2008

SIEH joined in Christmas Campaign initiated by Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation and donated a Christmas tree.

UNICEF Halloween Charity Event

October, 2007

SIEH took part in the Halloween charity event hosted by United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). They donated PlayStation® merchandise items and game titles to the participants, and were honored for their achievements.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

March to April, 2007

SIEH provided a support for Make-A-Wish Foundation. Support persons who made their donations to Make-A-Wish Foundation at the event received either T-shirts or caps from SIEH.