Company Visit

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. (SIE) welcomes students’ field trip from elementary to high school as part of their school curriculum. We provide with presentations focusing on “origins of the company,” “process flow of producing PlayStation® and games,” “passion of game creators,” and “various careers at SIE.” In addition to decision making in the future career, we would like to assist students in a variety of ways by providing opportunity to think about “a life with work” and to find out what you can do today.


Fixed Number of Students : Maximum 20 students
Content : We coordinate content based upon requests from students in advance.
Examples :
  • What does Sony Interactive Entertainment do?
  • What is the History of PlayStation® families?
  • What is PlayStation®3 built up of?
  • How are game titles created?
  • What kind of work does SIE offer?
  • What are the latest game titles?
  • *Please note that site tour and job experience cannot be performed, and the lecture will be in Japanese only.
  • *Program is now temporarily closed to new applicants.

Number of schools visited

in 2013 48 schools (326 students)
in 2012 62 schools (468 students)
in 2011 7 schools (40 students)
in 2010 25 schools (175 students)
in 2009 77 schools (489 students)
in 2008 56 schools (318 students)