アルバイト採用 バイリンガルゲームテスター(日英)/ Bilingual Tester (Japanese/English)


  • PlayStation®4、PlayStation®VR等のゲームが正しく動作するかの確認および不具合の報告
  • ゲームテスターの関連業務

Details of Duties Involved

  • To confirm that games for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®VR, etc. function correctly and report bugs when they occur.
  • Game Tester Related Duties
    Many people are active even when they do not have experience in the industry. This job is perfect for those who have a passion for games




  • フルタイム勤務(平日(月~金)9:45~18:30)が可能な方
  • 英語、日本語の読み書きが可能な方
  • 英語、日本語の会話が可能な方
  • 本件の応募に関するすべての連絡を日本語で対応できる方


  • 英語、日本語の読み書きと会話が可能な方(日常会話が可能、TOEICスコア850以上、TOFELスコア80以上、日本語能力試験N2以上 など)


  • 経験者大歓迎
  • 経験者の方は経験やスキルに応じて優遇致します。
  • 女性スタッフも多数活躍しています。
  • 学生不可
  • 障がいをお持ちの方のご応募に支障はございません。(応募の際に障がい者手帳のコピーを添付してください。)

Required Qualifications


  • Able to work full time(Weekdays (Mon - Fri) 9:45 - 18:30)
  • Able to read and write in both English and Japanese
  • Able to have conversations in both English and Japanese
  • Able to make correspondences regarding this application completely in Japanese.


  • Able to read, write and have conversations in both English and Japanese (Conversational Level Speaking and Listening, TOEIC Score: 850 or Above,  TOFEL Score: 80 or Above, JLPT Level N2 or Above etc.)
  • Experienced Staff Strongly Preferred
    Experienced applicants preferred based on experience and skills.
    Training is also available to learn from the basics for inexperienced applicants. We also provide support from experienced testers so you can work without worry.
  • We also have a large number of female staff.
    The office has a very relaxed atmosphere.
    There is also a relaxed clothing environment so you can wear what suits you best.
  • Students Not Permitted
  • There are no barriers for applicants with disabilities. (Please attach a disability certificate to your application when applying.)



給与 時給1500円~2500円 ※経験、スキルを考慮します。(試用期間中は時給1500円)、昇給制度有り、残業手当有り、休日出勤手当有り、交通費支給(月額5万円迄)
勤務時間 平日(月~金) 9:45~18:30
勤務地 門前仲町 駅 徒歩5分、越中島 駅 徒歩7分
休日 完全週休2日制(土・日)、祝日
その他待遇 社会保険完備(雇用保険、厚生年金、健康保険)、 有休制度有り、髪型服装自由、社内イベントあり


Working Conditions

Salary Hourly Pay: 1500~2500 Yen *Dependent on Experience and Skill. (1500 Yen / Hour during Probation Period), Salary Raise System Available, Overtime Available, Weekend Work Compensation Available, Traveling Expenses Available (Around 50,000 yen a Month)
Work Schedule Weekdays (Mon to Fri) 9:45~18:30
Location 5 Minute Walk from Monzennaka-chou Station, 7 Minute Walk from Etchujima Station
Holidays 2 Days Per Week, Public Holidays
Other Conditions Complete Social Insurance (Employment Insurance, Welfare Insurance), Paid Holidays, No Hairstyle Restrictions, Company Events




  • 「履歴書フォーム」「応募用封筒」をダウンロードし、A4サイズで印刷してください(A4以外の印刷でも可)。市販の履歴書・封筒での応募も可能です。
  • 履歴書は「履歴書フォーム記入例」を参考に記入してください。
  • 「応募用封筒」は①~③の番号順に組み立て(のり・セロハンテープを利用してください)、3つ折りにした履歴書を同封してください。
  • 封筒の裏面にご自分の住所・名前を記入後、封筒の重さに必要となる切手を貼って郵送してください。


  • 応募書類は返却いたしません。

Application Method

Postal Applications Only. Please read the details in the link ‘http://www.sie.com/saiyo/kiyaku.html’, and send your CV to the following address (In Japanese, Including Photograph and Email Address) We will contact only those selected for interview within 10 days of receiving their resume. * There may be delays around the New Year period, Golden Week, etc.

  • Please download the ‘Job History Form’, and Application Envelope and print then in A4 size (Non A4 Printing is also Possible) Application can also be performed using commercial CVs and envelopes.
  • Please fill in the CV based on the example provided.
    Notes: Photograph and email address are required. Please enter easy to mistake alphanumeric characters such as _ (Underbars), - (Hyphen), 0 (Zero), o (Oh), g and q is a way that is easy to differentiate when entering your email address.
  • Please construct your Application Envelope using Steps 1 to 3 provided (Using cello tape match up the margins and make sure they do not peel off.) fold 3 times and place the CV inside.
  • Please write your name and address on the back of the envelope, attach a stamp that meets the weight requirements of the envelope, and post it.
  • Notes: The price of the stamp may vary depending on weight. (When inserting a multi-page CV etc.)

*Notes on Application

  • Application materials will not be returned.


宛先 Address

〒108-0075 東京都港区港南1-7-1
株式会社ソニー・インタラクティブエンタテインメント 総務人事部2課 SIEアルバイト担当 バイリンガルテスター求人宛 


*Communications are supported in Japanese only. We apologise for the inconvenience.