Perry Perry

Perry テクニカルアーティスト
Technical Artist


自分を表す言葉 / Words that express yourself
Many hobbies, Gamer, Gadgets
好きなこと・もの / Favorites
Games, LEGO, Cats, Teaching


Please explain your job.


My job is in the limbo between visual art and programming. The main task is to create tools that help the artist convert a static object into something that can move. Next to that I help solve problems on both ends to try to make the work of others easier to perform and keep an eye out for possible new tech or research that could benefit the team.


Please tell us about your
career and why you chose SIE.

私は、2013 年にオランダにあるPlayStation Studios「Guerrilla Games」でゲームの仕事を始め、「KILLZONE SHADOW FALL」と「Horizon Zero Dawn」のゲームソフトの立ち上げを成功させました。その後、他のゲーム会社の先端技術部門で大学時代の友人と一緒に働くため、2017年に日本に引っ越しました。これまでとは企業文化が大きく異なる環境で働くなかで、Team ASOBIに求人があると知り、ソニーに戻ろうと思いました。

I started working in games in 2013 at Guerrilla Games in Holland, where we successfully launched Killzone SHADOW FALL and Horizon Zero Dawn. After that in 2017, I moved over to Japan to work together with a friend from university in the advanced technology division at a gaming company. The changes in work culture were quite big, so when I found out that there was a position open in Team ASOBI, I took the chance to go back to Sony.


What are some of the most
rewarding moments in your work?


As mentioned above, my work consists mainly out of helping others improve their work by making it easier and faster to do their tasks. It is amazing to see others be able to accomplish a lot more in a shorter amount of time through the use of my tools/rigs. The best part is having others come up to me asking about new features to expand the tools they already have. This shows that people understand the current workflow and for me it is a new opportunity to grow and learn.


Any messages or advices for those
interested in working at SIE?


This is a tough question to answer. Using my own experience and specialty as a guideline, I think having a great skillset for the job comes secondary to your attitude towards it, as there are lots of opportunities to learn and advance within SIE. Be yourself, show your personality in the interview, and enjoy the process!